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capital rabat
government constitutional monarchy
king mohamed VI, alaouit dynasty
surface 458.852 Kmq (724.852 Kmq including west sahara)
inhabitants 30.753.300 (estimation 2005) (31.003.300 including west sahara)
population density 67,0 ab/kmq (42,8 ab/kmq including west sahara)
religion 98,7% muslims (mainly sunnits), 1,1% christians, 0,2% juish
ethnic groups arabs and arabized berbers 60%, berbers (mauri) 36%, africans, europeans and others 4%
spoken languages arabic (official), french, berber dialects, spanish
atlantic coast 2.934 km
mediterranean coast 512 km
land borders 1.350 km (Algeria), 650 km (Mauritania), 12 km (Ceuta and Melilla, Spain)
highest peak jebel toubkal (4.167 mt)
money moroccan dirham (MAD)

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