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Links to sustainable tourism operators


sustainable tourism international operators
destinations: morocco & kenya
marrakech - morocco

Planet Viaggi Responsabili
responsible tourism agency
verona - italy


responsible tourism agency
specialised in school travels
milano - italy

La Darsena

responsible tourism agency
milano - italy

Viaggi Solidali

sustainable tourism agency
torino - italy


sustainable tourism network
roma - italy

Perù Responsabile

responsible tourism operator in perù
lima - perù

Perù Etico

group of italian and peruvian operators, supported by the namesake italian ngo
cusco - perú

Casa Encantada

a house to meet and to know, a meeting point for the one who travels in brazil
el salvador - bahia


latin-american community tourism network,
it offers updated infos and supports
local micro businesses

Réseau DéPart (Découverte et Partage)
it gathers various associations proposing
fair tours and stays, in agreement with
local development associations
in several countries

Vision du Monde

french association of responsible tourism, it organises tours, even school ones
bourgoin jallieu - france

Sensi di Viaggio

tours entrusted by senses
nepi (vt) - italy

Responsible Travel

sustainable tourism online agency, proposing tours all over the world
brighton - uk


responsible tour operator, it proposes also
long adventure travels by lorry
suffolk - uk

Kaya Volunteer

responsible travel agency who proposes
tours, work camps and gap year
manchester - uk

Travel the Unknown

they propose responsible tours off the
beaten tracks, and food tours
putney - surrey - uk

Links to web sites about sustainable tourism


italian association for sustainable tourism


guides, tales by self-made travellers, photogallery, video, forum, bulletin board, blog, useful links to arrange a fully-independent tour


association pour le tourisme équitable et solidaire sostiene, valuta e promuove i progetti e gli attori del turismo equo e solidale


ideas to travel in a consciousness style: they propose
selected small tour operators, a responsible tourism
web tv, some "specials" and the travellers community

Turismo Responsabile

pure information about responsible tourism


french association who informs travellers about tourist reception structures in line with equity, solidarity and ecology, and about eco-voluntary work; they propose the ecologic backpack

Tourism Concern

tourism concern is an english pressure group fighting exploitation in tourism and campaigning for more ethical, fairly traded forms of tourism, mainly in developping countries and among ethnic minorities

Réseau Archimède

the network transverses - réseau archimède - maisons du monde promotes a social and fair economy where tourism is a lever to a durable development; it operates for the activation of a network between travellers and hosts


acció per un turisme responsable
catalan ngo pubblishing news, studies, research, campaigns, denunciations and links about sustainable tourism

Accueil Paysan

network of rural accommodations,
in france and all over the world

Homo Turisticus

antropology and tourism
by duccio canestrini


international social tourism


indian ngo dealing with research, education and promotion of holistic tourism
bangalore - india

Documents about sustainable tourism

Charter for Sustainable Tourism
World Conference on Sustainable Tourism, Lanzarote April 27th/28th, 1995

Links to web sites about tourism

World Tourism Organization

World Travel
& Tourism Council

Viaggiatori OnLine

travel portal, useful both for independent travellers and for those who
look for a tour proposal

Viaggi e Relax

travel portal, providing tales,
photo galleries and useful infos

I Mondonauti

practical travel guides

Microguide EDT

online short version of lonely planet guides

Latitude Zero

cool travel site dealing in deep with the island of sao tomè and principe archipelago

navigate also the links proposed for both Morocco and Kenya

Other links

Kizito Blogsite - A life in Africa

updated infos about kenya and zambia, seen from the eye of someone who lives there
by father renato kizito sesana

Amani Onlus Ong

amani supports from italy the activities of the koinonia community, also through the arrangement of summer work camps

Impresa Etnica

the voice of immigrant entrepreneurs


cope (COoperazione Paesi Emergenti, cooperation with emerging countries) is an italian ong supporting development projects in several countries, including morocco; they also go through the arrangement of work camps

Strategie di Pace

italian ngo supporting projects mainly for women and children in remote areas

GSI Italia

italian ngo supporting projects for the migrants, also in their origin countries


voluntary association about information; since 1992 it has been offering an alternative to the message proposed by the big editors
and tv providers

Al Jazeera

the english and arabic web page of the arabic network: articles and tv programs


united nations environment programme - environment for development


how to compensate the carbon dioxide emissions in atmosphere, due to each
of our activities, through different
projects all over the world

Impatto Zero

how to compensate the carbon dioxide emissions in atmosphere, due to each
of our activities, through the retraining and the protection of green areas in italy and costarica


babel onlus supports from italy the activity of several moroccan associations, also through the arrangement of summer work camps

Barbara J. Anello

through some photography
you can catch the soul of a country


we like to think that sailors are somehow special tourists, used to respect the see,
the environment and the coastal peoples