The target of
Djemme - Slow Travel
is to promote a travel style that is
sustainable in
long term and
source of active exchange among
all the actors, including the environment

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The basic idea is a challenging travel style, expecially in those countries where the life style and possibilities are by far lower than those to which tourists are used: it consists in a deep contact with local population, trying to favorite its economy even in long term, with full respect and valorisation of the environment.

The tour is seen as an exchange occasion and may bring mutual enrichment even though the two parts are very different and have different needs to satisfy.

Djemme - Slow Travel is a travel portal, targetting those who like to deeply live a country, through the meeting with its people. It gives, for each destination, general infos, a mini guide of the responsible tourist, detailed "focus on", photo galleries and travel tales, proposition of circuits and local development projects.
Djemme is an open portal for anybody wishing to give his contribution, to be published.

Djemme - Slow Travel does not care about reservations or any other service for the traveller: the proposed circuits are only a suggestion of areas to visit.
If you wish to build your tour by yourself or with a small group of friends, click here for further infos.