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Kivuli Street Children Project

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Promoters: Koinonia Community, Amani Onlus

Type of activity: street children housing



mural at Kivuli

sculptors from Rwanda

mechanical engineering school/workshop

Kivuli Street Children Project (kivuli means refuge) itís an hospitality house for street children, where currently around 60 children are guessed as residents. Itís located in the area of Riruta Satellite, and after some years in the matters of fact it has become a community centre for people from both Riruta and Kawangware districts: it has a medical dispensary (with a consulting centre for HIV problems), a dentist surgery, a drinkable water well, a library open day and night, a computer school, a language school, various craft workshops where kids can learn a job (joiner, wood sculptor and engraver, mechanic, carpenter, tailor), a coffee shop, a microcredit project, a theatre group, a sports association.

Kivuli Street Children Project has been started by Koinonia Community andsupported from Italy by Amani Onlus.

joiner workshop

traditional dances school


How to help

Amani Onlus supports Kivuli project for street children with a program of distance adoption. The adoption proposed by Amani is not individual, for a single child, but refers to the entire project. Throughout the project adoption, instead of single adoption, the privacy of the children is more preserved and guaranteed.
For more info about adoption, write to Amani Adozioni (adozioni@amaniforafrica.org).

Furthermore Amani Onlus organizes every year a summer work camp, normally in the first three weeks of August, involving 15 young Italians together with Kivuli guesses.

If you pass by Nairobi, visiting the centre is really advisable, both to realize the efforts made to organize the centre, and to see the context where the centre is located.
The centre has got some rooms to guess visitors; itís better to book a bit in advance. Normally, a fixed price is not defined, but leaving a fee for hospitality is right.


Kivuli Centre is located along Kabiria Rd, the road crossing Riruta Satellite area. From Nairobi downtown by matatu (or City Hoppa or bus) #4, heading to Riruta Satellite; some matatu goes into the district up to Kivuli gate (ask for Kabiria).

tel. +254 20 3876173 or 3876174
email kivuli@wanachi.com
web page

Last update: 2009-09-05

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